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It's Time for a Marketing Director

Protect your marketing dollars and business reputation.

Optimize Marketing and Advertising on a Budget

While community auto dealers have a solid handle on their operations and expense management they often have limited resources for other areas of the business. In a smaller market, it becomes challenging to hire a dedicated marketing director at a $50,000 a year salary and still Dealers Marketing Network Marketing Depthave a monthly advertising budget of $20 to $30k.

Today, owners, general managers, or sales managers produce ad materials and promotions, and the bulk of these initiatives often tie into OEM programs or the standard digital marketing or direct mail programs.

Many times these ad programs mimic other dealers in the market, and when a dealer uses the OEM Co-op Vendor they get the same programs as every other dealer using this vendor. It’s hard to stand out when everyone looks the same.  

On the Dealers Marketing Network program, we provide each dealership with a dedicated marketing director to craft promotions, programs, and initiatives that work to differentiate each client from their competitors.  And, by offering an exclusive marketing territory, you are assured that programs are not another “me too” promotion. 

While your new Marketing Director is not sitting in the dealership, they are in regular communications with management on a regular basis.  Now when a vendor calls trying to sell you “the next big thing in generating sales” you can just tell them to speak with your marketing director and we help you qualify good vendors and products that are right for your market and budget.  

Additionally your new “Marketing Director” has a team behind them to provide expertise in social media, digital marketing, local event planning, graphic design, web development, and content marketing.  We look forward to sharing more with you about our program. Call us at (216) 712-6712