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Who Are the Dealers That Can Benefit From this Program?

The most recent NADA Databook says there are 4,972 new vehicle dealers who own only one location. The majority are in secondary or rural markets and for marketing purposes, we refer to them as “Community Dealers.”  These dealers have minimal advertising and marketing budgets and rarely have a dedicated marketing person. Usually, they stick to a few basic marketing initiatives like direct mail, some social media, and a few traditional channels like Radio or TV.   We essentially act as their marketing department and develop a strategic plan to build their brand and presence in the market.  The end goal is to increase sales volume while connecting with prospects in the area.

How does the Marketing program work?

Our services are based on a monthly retainer, so dealers pay a monthly fee for their choice of marketing programs and initiatives that best meet their needs. Plans are customized to meet the budgets and marketing requirements for each client. For individual marketing engagement initiatives, we provide a detailed strategy and implementation document providing step by step instructions for your dealership to implement the program locally.

Dealers always have the ability to boost projects and promotions at their discretion and our team will provide pricing information as required. If time or resources are limited at the dealership, our team can provide the people, point-of-sale materials and other elements required for the program and all this would be for one additional project fee. Because of the time to plan and implement initiatives we offer these documents every other month or at pre-determined intervals based on the dealership market and budget.

Our program is designed for dealerships with one, two or three locations who don’t have the resources for a full-time Marketing Director.  Our team becomes the virtual marketing department for the dealerships and works closely with management to create awesome programs to increase sales and gross revenues.

Will my competitors have the same program?

No. We offer our Marketing Program to a limited number of dealers in non-competing markets. During our initial discussions with prospects, we ask about primary competitors, market area, and current advertising and marketing initiatives.  Once we understand those components we determine the “exclusivity area” and incorporate that into our agreement.

How often are new marketing initiatives distributed?

Our target is every 6 to 8 weeks for introducing new programs, but we continually develop new marketing promotions and share them with dealers on a regular basis. The interval will vary based on the market size and resources for implementation in the dealership. Recognizing that it often takes time to prepare for various events and programs we want to make sure dealerships and their teams have ample time to properly prepare for each event or program.

How does the Video Channel work?

Consumers love videos and with high-quality smartphones and low-cost digital video cameras, just about anyone can shoot videos at the dealership.  Our team creates a proprietary dealer branded video channel that can serve up videos for the dealership. Dealers can post video testimonials, vehicle walk-arounds, employee introductions, service tips, and even feature community leaders and charitable organization executives speaking about important community programs.   This video channel is one of the options available in our standard program.  Learn more.

Video production and editing costs are not included in the program.

Is there a time commitment for the program?

There is an initial three-month commitment as it takes time to ramp up and begin to implement the program. Fees are payable either monthly or quarterly.  After the initial period, dealers can cancel the program with just 30 days notice. At that time Dealers Marketing Network is free to solicit other dealers in the market for our program. Unless special arrangements are made, only one dealer per market can subscribe to our program.

If additional Point-of-sales or promotional items are required, the dealer is billed for those when the program is initiated.  All advertising costs above our standard monthly services are paid for by the dealership.

Do you provide on site staff for events?

If needed we can provide staff members before, during, and after any promotions we engage in with the dealership.  Pricing for these services is quoted when projects details are identified.

Can your team help maintain our website or blogs?

Yes we can help dealers maintain their website and blogs, in addition to creating or curating content for either website.  We can also host a blog on a separate site to provide a more robust feel for the dealership.  Credits and/or hours from the monthly fee can be used for these services.

Can you provide audits of my other vendors' services?

Yes, we can help dealers make sure they are spending marketing dollars in the right place. We review digital and traditional costs of marketing initiatives and assist in tracking the ROI for these services. We can also provide assistance in vendor selection and helping our clients get the best value for their marketing dollars.  Read about our Top Choice Vendors Program

If my OEM has our dealerships using another digital marketing program, can we still utilize your services?

OEMs like to leverage economies of scale and have large companies provide a standard set of services to their franchised dealers. Often these efforts focus on digital marketing or social media. Many of our programs focus on local engagement promotions and would complement the work of these digital programs.  Call us to get more information on how we add value to those programs and drive more local traffic to your showroom.

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