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There is a lot of noise in auto advertising and consumers are looking for dealers that will provide a good buying experience. If your dealership cares about your customers and your employees, then you need a way to stand out from the competition.

Carfolks.com is designed to assist dealers in:

  • marketing to raise dealership visibility
  • strengthening brand loyalty
  • building transparency
  • leveraging accountability to retain good employees
  • reducing expenditures for hiring & training
  • highlighting a stellar customer experience
  • establishing a competitive advantage

Our greatest strength is to validate the customer experience for dealers on Carfolks.com. Our third-party validation process allows every voice to be heard in their very own written word. The truth is the power behind Carfolks.com and every dealer needs to know the truth to ensure transparency with their customers, employees and prospects.

Review services that allows dealers to hide, manipulate or delete real reviews adds little to the trust factor and does not help you build strong customer relationships. The Carfolks solution does not impede or conflict with any of your current advertising or marketing messages and could serve to enhance that messaging and strengthen consumer engagement.

Our “Carfolks Customer Marketing” program is for dealers who:

• Want to highlight the best qualities of their dealership
• Want to offer a program that leverages the loyalty of customers in a dynamic fashion
• Want to provide tools that build the online presence of their sales and service team to both give them credit for
providing a great customer experience and to make them accountable for every customer relationship
• Want to retain their best sales and service employees
• Want to have real metrics on team members who are performing and those that need remedial training or coaching
• Want a simple way to push positive reviews to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites
• Recognize social media opportunities and desire an automated solution that doesn’t cost them thousands a month

Carfolks-Dealer-EngagementWe invite you to view and download our overview to understand the full value we can provide to your dealership.