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In today’s fast-moving, short attention span environment, businesses must be open to a strong multi-media channel approach. Digital strategies including content marketing are important, but not at the expense of promoting your services on a local level. We help our clients in both arenas and build brand recognition in their hometown markets.  Below are just some of the ways we reach out to vehicle buying prospects.

Healthy Car Sales, Healthy Customers

While more folks are exercising and eating better, there are many people out there that need some encouragement to get moving and lose weight. We offer some great sales promotion ideas to help dealers stand out with a “Healthy Sales” program.

Special Programs to Honor Military Vets

Members of the military make sacrifices for our country every day. Each OEM has a military discount, but rarely will you see dealerships promoting their appreciation for those that have served.  We offer programs that highlight loyalty to those serving and those that have served and even extend privileges to the families of Vets too.

Utilize a Sales Strategy that Appeals to Business Women

We know that women directly or indirectly influence about 70% of vehicle purchases. We also know that often women do not feel comfortable during the car buying process, so we work with our dealer clients to develop a friendlier and more “female-oriented” buying process.  Isn’t it time you started focusing on this market segment?

Leverage Hollywood Blockbusters to Drive Showroom Traffic

We all get excited about new Hollywood Blockbusters. Whether it’s a super hero, family film, or adventure flick, there’s always lots of hype in the media.

It makes sense for dealers to ride those coattails of advertising and introduce events that can leverage that excitement. Promotions will vary based on the theme of the movie.

Fetch New Buyers Who Own and Love Dogs

Over 48 million U.S. households own a dog*. And . . .  anyone who owns a dog knows they love taking rides in cars. Dealers can capitalize on this affection for dogs as our team creates unique programs for pet-loving customers and prospects.  

*Info source: American Veterinary Medical Associaton